Summer Small Learning Communities

Summer SLC (8 weeks)

The In-Betweens: living in those unique spaces of life transitions

Why? Young adulthood is filled with in-between spaces. These can be scary or exciting or a mix of both. During our Small Learning Community (SLC), we’ll be exploring how the Holy Spirit may be at work as we discern how to be present in these in-between spaces.

Where? We’ll meet at The Abbey in Avondale (131-A 41st Street South).

When? Monday nights at 5pm, beginning June 19, ending August 7

  1. In what season of life are you? (Ecclesiastes 3)
  2. God in the quiet. (1 Kings 19)
  3. God’s call…and our discernment. (1 Samuel 3)
  4. Digging new wells. (Genesis 26)
  5. God in hindsight. (Genesis 28)
  6. Finding new relationships in unexpected places. (Ruth 1)
  7. Wrestling with God and the tough questions. (Genesis 32)
  8. When our idea of God expands. (Acts 10)

Come join us for some fun fellowship this summer!

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